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October 2003
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Rathmeile Internet and Interest Resource Depot

  BEER Festival? In Newbury? Ohhh! I've missed it?! Nah, it's back... Bigger and better: Find out more at ..... Is on 10th September 2005, Newbury, Berkshire.........  
This site is dedicated to useful resources, links, help files, guides, manuals and anything else of use, and a few things of interest....
Google - Great toolbar feature
New to the internet? Click HERE
eDonkey (just like Kazaa) - Interesting name, great site
Games? Priest in training, see what Rev Matt is up to
Programming in Perl (my specialty), ASP, Visual Basic, Java...
Links to WAP, XML, XML For all you games reviews and downloads

Coming Maybe: Rathmeile PCLinks, online reference for all your upgrades
Quick intros to: HTML, FTP, Telnet
Best HTML/Javascript resource site so far:
Best ASP/VB Reference site:
Best script site so far:
Runner up:
News & Info
Last Updated: 8th September 2004
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