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The Fires of Heaven

A Multi User Dungeon based on the Wheels of Time series of books by Robert Jordan.


Why Rathmeile?

The name is based upon Rathemon, a powerful sorcerer from the time of Conan the Barbarian, and a derivation of Chain Mail armour, one of the great developments in personal armour, the same ideas still in use today in modern kevlar vests.

To be honest though, my handle of Timdog didn't fit in with FOH so I had to make something up pretty fast, gotta admit, it's original!!!

So who am I?

Well, no one in particular. Just this guy that fancied something different so built a simple little web site with all my favourite, and most useful, links in it. I've big plans but need inspiration. My skills lie in knowing enough about the web and technologies to work out anything else fairly fast. I've a small WAP site, just to prove I can do it, with about 3 numbers in it. A bit of ASP to track people coming in, I have to say the stats are impressive, unless you recognise my address!

Haven't anything database driven here, no need yet. Still trying to think of something. As for DHTML, XML and all the rest, what for? I'll think of something eventually. I like to use everything at some point.

To see how I've changed (or not) try my original web site, CODENAME: Red Herring
(Now go on, you wouldn't believe I built THAT would you? Yes? Yeah okay, so design ain't my bag...)

Bored? After all this info? Try my mates page:
Mates of Rathmeile

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