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Active Server Pages

What is ASP?

This was developed by Microsoft and offers a powerful way ofcreating dynamic web pages, based upon either web forms or databases. It is essentially HTML with some other programming language in it, similar in use to VB Script (itself based on Visual Basic). It's uses however can include many things, from internal management systems to eCommerce. It is supported by Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) and I believe some UNIX systems may even support this "language".

In essence a page of code is made which uses HTML and ASP code to produce a template. This template is then "compiled" when someone tries to access the page, the ASP code is read, evalutaed and the final HTML is produced ready for the person trying to see the page.

I don't know much about ASP yet, I'm still learning so the above information may well change and become more accurate. Here however are a few addressess. As I get better and use it more, I'll provide more insight and better links, if they exist. You wouldn't believe how many links there are to ASP books and not online help!!!

Anyhow, enjoy... - Has great VBScript and JScript sections

How to recognise ASP code:

1) If the web page being called ends with the extension ".asp"

2) If the page stored on the server contains any tags with a percent sign, thus <%     %> which symbolises a piece of ASP code, eg:

The next line might as well not use ASP at all, but it does:
reponse.write "This was actually done using ASP!!"

As woth most things, ASP need not be only in files with the extension .asp, but this is the usual way of doing it.